And if the drivers of the WTCR Oscaro were Game of Thrones characters?

After tow years, GOT is finally back ! To celebrate the last season of one of the best series of all time, here is our tribute ! What if WTCR Oscaro drivers were characters…

Attila Tassi and Bran Stark, in the role of Bran Tassi:

Young talent, premature and beardless. Only difference, with his Honda, Attila moves quicker than Bran when he climbs on Hodor’s back.

Aurélien Panis and Jojen Reed, in the role of Jojen Panis:

They are young, beardless and terribly confortable in icy landscapes.

Augusto Farfus and Jaqen H’ghar, in the role of Jaqen Farfus:

Jaquen is from Bra…avos, Farfus from Bra…zil. One is faceless, the other loves circuits with almost a hundred turns. Well, 73 to be exact. The Brazilian has won three times the 24 Hours of Nürburgring.

Benjamin Leuchter and Gendry, in the role of Gendry Leuchter:

Simply dopplegangers.

Daniel Haglöf and Hodor, in the role of Hodöf:

A sweet northern guy, and a fully round head.

Esteban Guerrieri and Daario Naharis, in the role of Estebanaharis:

Their points in common: three-day beards, a seductive look, and a relative ease to dispose of their adversaries in grand combat.

Gabriele Tarquini and Tywin Lannister in the role of Tywin Tarquini:

This is the boss. Many want to get him, notably the little ones. Beware of Leuchter!

Gordon Shedden and Tourmund Giantsbane, in the role of Tormund Shedden:

A Northern redhead who nothing can stop. Neither an ice wall for Tormund Giantsbane, nor a tyre wall for Gordon Shedden during his victory in the Battle of Wuhan in 2018.

Jean-Karl Vernay and Oberyn Martell, in the role of Oberyn Vernay:

The handsome guy of the series. (Yes, we can be nice).

Kevin Ceccon and Loras Tyrell, in the role of Loras Ceccon:

With his golden hair, he tries to prove to the world that he is a fighter which one can count on.

Ma Qing Hua and Grey Worm, in the role of Grey Hua:

An unusual sense of combat that no facial feature suggests.

Nestor Girolami and Bronn, in the role of Bronn Girolami:

Big eyes, essential for duels. A mighty, solitary warrior.

Niels Langeveld and Podrick Payne, in the role of Podrick Langeveld:

Nobody has seen him in the shower yet. Difficult then to say if the resemblance is as strong as it seems to be.

Tiago Monteiro and Petyr Baelish, in the role of Tiago Baelish:

Same age, same gaze, same mischievousness!

Tom Coronel alias The Tom Sparrow:

Thousands and thousands of unconditional fans follow him through the Westeros TCR Oscaro.

Yann Ehrlacher and Jamie Lannister, in the role of Yannister:

In motorsports, as in other domains, this remains a family story.

Yvan Muller and Stannis Baratheon as Yvan Baratheon :

Yvan Baratheon is about forty. His tactical and intellecual skills made him one of the greatest warrior of his generation !

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