Bence Bánki, World Champion!

Bence Banki, first ever WTCR Oscaro eSports World Champion on Raceroom.

Two victories and five podiums. Here is the results sheet for Bence Bánki, young 19-year old Slovakian simracer, during the first season of WTCR Oscaro eSports. After a huge performance during the first round of the championship on the Hungaroring, where he won the first race and finished fifth in the second, he signed with Oscaro eSports. “We scouted him last year on the WTCC eSports championship, but he wasn’t regular enough.” says Kevin Leaune, Team Manager. “This year, starting from the first year, i knew he was going to fight for the title and he had a car that suited him.”

Au volant de la Honda Civic type R TCR de Benjamin Lessennes, le Slovaque prend le lead du championnat et ne le lâchera plus jusqu’à la fin de la saison. Onzième du classement général avec seulement trois manches jouées, Leaune souligne : « Après notre excellent départ, on a géré en équipe. C’est un titre collectif. Le championnat est sponsorisé par Oscaro notre sponsor, nous étions obligés de le remporter. » At the wheel of the Honda Civic Type R TCR of Benjamin Lessennes, the Slovakian takes the championship lead and keeps it all the way to the end. In eleventh, having only competed in three rounds, Leaune adds: “After a great start, we managed as a team. It’s a collective title. The championship is sponsored by Oscaro, our sponsor, we had to win it.

After a second victory at Suzuka, Bence Bánki takes flight toward the title, with only two rounds left on the WTCR Oscaro eSports.

12 titles!

Two round which could have cost the 19 year old simracer dearly… After an incident during Race of China (Where he finishes second during one of the two races), he gets a five-point penalty. Luckily for him, his closest rivals, Jarschel and Rebernak, also picks up penalties.

The title secured, Bence does not start the last round in Macau in order to “not be penalised in a stupid way“, explains Kevin Leaune

After a world title on Dirt 4 and one on Gran Turismo, the Oscaro eSports team wins it’s third and fourth world championship in 2018. “Multiplayer” and “Hot Lap” champion, Bánki offers the team its eleventh and twelth title, since its beginnings in 2006. “It’s always nice to see that we make some progress every year. We win on games that are all different. It shows our level of performance” remarks the Team Manager. He goes on: “We are not going to stop here. Next year we’ll have to win more!”

“Once you have passion, you have everything. However, with these titles, i have more than i could ever dream of.”  Concludes the newly-crowned champion of the eSports WTCR Oscaro 2018.

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