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After four rounds without marking a single point, Mato Homola, the 23 year old DG Sport driver, put up his name on the WTCR Oscaro 2018 chesstable in Vila Real. Like a dark knight, he drew his opponents into a checkmate to score a full 38 points. Perfect timing for the Slovakian, who will compete at home for the next round of the championship, next July 14th. On his lands, he will try to impose himself as the master.

Hello Mato. After a great race weekend in Portugal, you scored your first points and won your first race of the season. Happy?

Obviously! It’s a great result after not a good start to the season for me. Honestly, I didn’t expect to be victorious in Vila Real. But I saw in qualifying, especially on Sunday that i had the pace but I would need to push on each corner. I made the small mistake in qualifying and I ended up in eight place. I wanted to be at least on the podium but I didn’t think about it I didn’t. I had quite a good start to the lap and of the whole race and it was very good, I needed a victory. So it was perfect and now we need to continue in this way.

You won in front of Yvan Muller, the championship leader, who the night before won Race 1. Tell us about the fight with the quadruple world touring car champion.

I took the joker (Mandatory alternate route once a race, adds two seconds to laptime) and he was in first position obviously, but he was a bit faster, so I told myself that I had to push on the following lap, I made my personal best there, I pushed a lot. And then I thought that it was not so far away, maybe I can overtake him, when he comes back from the joker maybe I could be faster.

It was really tricky because when he (Yvan Muller) came out of the joker, I had damaged my left side, so I honestly didn’t see where he was. It was quite tricky and adventurous, you know so it was interesting, but I saw when he was coming out of the joker that I was in front of him, so I told myself “OK its good, so know just focus on the last lap and it will be OK“.


WTCR Vila Real: Don't Crack Under Pressure Moments

The FIA WTCR / Oscaro at #VilaReal was host to more than a few high-pressure moments this weekend as Mato Homola performed the perfect joker lap and zoomed into first place, unseating the touring car legend Yvan Muller! Congratulations for the magnificent performance, Mato! #TAGHeuerIsMotorRacing #DontCrackUnderPressure

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Yet you were part of the 11 drivers who had never driven on the Vila Real circuit.

The track is really tricky, you need to be really close to the walls and you really need to be in the right place at the right time. So it was really tricky to find a good rhythm. I was pushing every lap more and more, and I got used to the track.

Oui, surtout que c’est un circuit vraiment difficile. Il faut raser les murs et prendre les bonnes trajectoires sur chacun des virages. C’était très difficile de trouver un bon rythme. Mais tour après tour, je me suis habitué à la piste et j’ai commencé à emmagasiner de la confiance. Et on connaît le résultat.

All of this at only a few days from the Race of Slovakia.

I think its really good timing because before Slovakiaring, good invitation for all Slovak fans to come to Slovakia and to support me, and many of them are really happy from the results for sure, what I achieved in Portugal, they are really looking forward to Slovakia. I’m looking forward to it!

You know well the Slovakiaring. Does that put you among the favourites?

I know the track, it’s really fast, and I like the fast corners. I think I have a bit of an advantage over the other guys. But well the other drivers, the old drivers, are so experienced, and they will be really fast in FP1 & FP2, so it’s not that big of an advantage for me, but I think I will have some support from the fans, so I hope they will push me to better and better performances.

What does the WTCR Oscaro represent to you?

I always wanted to be there, i learned only in February that i was participating in the WTCR Oscaro. I was first in karting at 4 years old, but we didn’t have a lot of money to start driving karting at an early age, so I played football. At 13, i got back into karting and now i am here, racedriver, it is my dream, was always my dream, I want to be faster and faster and to win as as many races as possible and to be on the top one day, I hope.

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