He is of the sports where the story is written from the youngest of ages. Destiny written in stone. Hours and hours of training, a daily combat against aches, fatigue, low morale and injuries. After years of hard labour for the perseverant, the most talented, the luckiest ones, the end of the tunnel; a chance to realise a dream: Becoming a pro golfer.

And then there is Jérôme… He’s 18 and wants to be a pro footballer. He trains every day, and tries to enter the training centres with the hope of becoming a pro. A torn ligament stops his momentum. The times are hard and during his re-education, he discovers Golf. For Jérôme, who considers no other future than that of a sporting pro, he has to choose between football and golf. Starting over from scratch, relearn everything, face new opponents formatted since the youngest age that can be part of the chosen ones that can live off their passion.

"When you touch golfing it's a virus, you are stung right away, you think about it when you go to bed with the urge to get back out there"

In 2003, he touches his first golf club. In 2011, thanks to his talent and his work, he wins the French Amateur Championship. In November of the same year, he passes pro. Three years and two months later, in the start of 2015, he becomes part of the European Tour, the highest European level.

"The European Tour was a great discovery, i was proud to get to the top of my sport and mingle with the best players in the world"

A year to rub shoulders with the best and the best courses. A year rich in experience, even with the relegation to the Challenge Tour. A year to forge a mind of steel.

"I'll come back stronger, the objective is clear: get promoted to the European Tour to win and get into the worldwide Top 50."