“Finish as high up as possible”

At only 20 years old, Pierre-Louis Loubet is getting ready for his fourth season on the international rally stage. For this 2018 season, he joins BRC Racing Team. A new team, but also a new car and a new competition awaits. “Pilouis” talks us through the upcoming season.

We are roughly a month out from the start of the season. What are the changes compared to 2017?

This year i am with a new team, and i will have a completely new car at my disposal: the Hyundai i20 R5. It is a very delicate car to drive. It might be not as easy to apprehend as a Ford Fiesta R5, but the car will have a new engine put in during the month of March. I think we will gain in performance.

What rallies will you be driving in 2018?

I will be doing two championships. For the first time in my career, i will be participating in the European Rally Championship (ERC). The first round will be in the Azores at the end of March (22nd-24th). After that, we start the WRC 2 part of my calendar, comprising 8 events, starting with the Tour de Corse (April 5th-8th) and finishing at RallyRACC Catalunya in October.

What objectives do you have on the ERC?

I will try to perform at the highest level. Indeed, i don’t know the rallies, nor the lever of my competitors, but i will try to adapt quickly and give it my best. If i can win a rally, i won’t deprive myself the opportunity.

And in WRC2?

I have no concrete objective. It’s simple, i want to finish as high up as possible. I hope to enter the WRC in the next two years, and that passes by good performances on the lower level.

For the third consecutive time, you will be representing the colours of the FFSA French National Rally Team in 2018. What does this represent for you?

The biggest French drivers has passed by this step. It is kind of a “obligatory passage”. This year, we are only two drivers in the team. It is really a great recognition.

Find the announcement for Pierre-Louis Loubet’s participation in the 2018 ERC here:New kids on the block

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