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OSCARO eSports, first professional sim-racing team in Europe.

Oscaro and the SDL eSports team is partnering together to enable 15 drivers to go pro in 3 of the most prestigious world championships.

We are proud to announce today the launch of the first professional sim-racing team in eSports in Europe. OSCARO eSports groups 20 players from across Europe (France, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Poland) on the starting grids of three prestigious world championships: Formula 1® Esports Series, eSports WTCC and Project Cars.

Since 7 years now, we are present in the world of sports with the WTCC, the driver John Filippi (Sébastien Loeb Racing) and the young talent Pierre-Louis Loubet in the WRC.

A choice decided by passion for cars, but also the desire to strengthen and grow young emerging talents and accompany them on the road to success. These ambitions and these values drove us to partner SDL eSports in their quest to go pro: “The choice to become sponsor of the SDL eSports team was evident to us, we are huge fans of Project Cars and we even have our own simulator in the office! Also, this partnership with SDL eSports goes hand in hand with our DNA, in terms of values and performance. We are very happy to again be pioneers by welcoming the first pro sim-racing team in the Team Oscaro!” declared Jean Bessiere, Director of Sports Marketing at Oscaro.


SDL eSports has won 8 world championship titles on Project Cars and the current title holder. OSCARO eSports is composed of 20 European players, 10 of them French, led by Kévin Leaune, team manager. 16 of the players are signed up in the three of the most demanding championships on the planet.

“We immediately identified ourselves with Oscaro, several of whom are Project Cars players. That is also why it was important for everyone involved to announce this at the launch of Project Cars 2. To go from amateur to pro is an long-standing dream, and we are very proud to be the first to do so. Being accompanied by passionate people like Oscaro is the cherry on the cake”, says Kévin Leaune, Team Manager of OSCARO eSports.

L’objectif de l’ensemble de l’équipe est de travailler à franchir un cap en termes de management, d’organisation, mais aussi de structure, qui deviennent essentiels avec la concurrence et la dimension internationale des championnats.


The team behind OSCARO eSports :


–      Project Cars : Maxime ‘Rotax’ Pain (France), Tom ‘StorM’ Lartilleux (France)

–      Formula 1® Esports Series : Patrik ‘ImpulsiveRacer’ Holzmann (Germany), Sebastian ‘DarkPSI’ Dunzel (Germany)  

–      eSports WTCC : Kévin ‘SoniK’ Leaune (France), Mark Nandori (Hungary), Gaetan ‘Rossi46’ Goarant (France), Nobert Leitner (Hungary)

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