The WTCR Oscar(o)’s 

What if the WTCR Oscaro drivers obtained a role in one of all time classic films, which one would it be? We have our list. In the “Best Actor” category, the nominated are:

Tiago Monteiro, in… The Revenant.

The bear that attacked him? Some kind of grizzli of over a tonne, going at 250 kilometres an hour, impossible to stop. After the catastrophe, everyone thought him dead, and yet, he survived… A year later, after months of convalescence and reeducation, the Hugh Glass of motorsports is getting ready to get back on track in the WTCR Oscaro. Even if we do not know yet the date of his return, we are certain of one thing: Monteiro is unbreakable.

Gabriele Tarquini, in… The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

This is becoming troubling. The older Gabriele Tarquini gets, the younger he gets. As time goes on, like Brad Pitt in the film, he improves. At 56 years old, the Italian BRC Racing driver has never been stronger. To the point that he is leading the championship with four weekends to go.

John Filippi, in… Titanic

Race of Morocco : incident with Benjamin Lessennes. Race of Hungary : incident with Norbert Nagy. Race of Germany : an impact with the railing in qualifying. Race of Portugal : part of a huge crash. Race of Slovakia : hit from behind. Luckily, there are no icebergs on the tracks. Hopefully in the end, he’ll have more luck than Jack…

David Zsolt Szabo, in Casper… 

Does ghosts exist? That is a question one may ask themselves. During the races, the spectators of the WTCR Oscaro pass some of their time looking for Szabo. Like a shadow, he hides between the cars. Also, he dissapears often on the circuits, he is often hard to see at the finish line. After Casper, we are proud to present Szabo the nice ghost. At least, everyone likes him…

Pepe Oriola, in… 50 shades of Grey (or Pepe)

He likes girls. Girls like him. Result, the Team Oscaro by Campos Racing driver is never alone on a circuit. If Christian Grey likes brunettes, Pepe has a penchant for blondes. And with regard to the practice … mystery. According to his recent Instagram posts, he seems to have found his Anastasia.

Jean-Karl Vernay, in… Happy Gilmore

A passionate golf player and a strong drive. Here is what brings together Jean-Karl Vernay and Adam Sandler, known as Happy Gilmore in the film. And not to forget their character, both of them can be very impulsive… Especially when Vernay had to retire from Race 3 in Slovakia because of his opponents…

Rob Huff, in… Hitman

For the haircut to start with. And like Agent 47, the Briton never misses his opponents when he has the opportunity to put down the competition.

Norbert Michelisz, with his first role in… Drive

Whom am i? A young man, in his thirties, closely shaven, little talkative and ultra professional, thinking only about driving? So Ryan Gosling in the role as Driver or Norbert Michelisz on the WTCR Oscaro circuits?

Aurélien Panis, on display in the last… Mission Impossible

He tries. He tries, again and again… He even does stunts, like last time out in Slovakia, where he managed to get the car airborne on the side of the track. Unfortunately, the podium steps always seem too high for him this year. It even looks impossible. But don’t lose hope Aurélien, Tom Cruise always makes it in the end.

Tom Coronel, in… REC

Never without his phone, even on a rope course. The Social Network king of the WTCR Oscaro never stops filming and snapping selfies… For his overflowing creativity, he could have been nominated as Best Director, but no, the REC poster fit him perfectly…

Thed Björk, in the incarnation of… Thor

He’s an aestethe, a viking, a superhero. As his counterpart, Thed Björk is a big Scandinavian blonde, empowered, with a Hyundai i30 N TCR as his hammer. In 2017 he proved to the world of motorsport that he was the best in his domain.

And finally, the infernal duo, Yann Ehrlacher, and his mentor, Yvan Muller, together in… Good Will Hunting

A young gifted blonde and a bearded mentor. You might ask yourself if the two drivers didn’t model their history on the 1997 film.

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