Numb3rs: 20, 22 and 63

Why that number? That is the question we asked the cast of the WTCR Oscaro. Superstition, tributes, or completely random, each week, and until the end of 2018, we will bring you the story behind each driver’s number.

After the Team Oscaro members and the three Frenchies in the championship, for the third episode of the “numb3rs” series, here are the three Belgians in the WTCR Oscaro:

20 for Denis Dupont

“Why 20 ?

At the start of the season, my team left me the choice between number 20, 21, 22 and 23. Because i like round numbers, numbers in the tens, i chose number 20. There is no other explication.

Your first time with number 20?

First time was in April, during Race of Morocco, for the first round of the WTCR Oscaro. This number didn’t bring me luck, because my brakes let go during qualifying…

And if you had to choose another number? 

Before, i always chose number 4, but thinking back on it i never had much luck with that number… I am not at all superstitious with numbers, so i would let chance choose for me.”

22 like Frédéric Vervisch

“Why 22 ?

I had the choice between four numbers, and since i had driven with 22 for my first race of the season with Audi, i decided to keep it. This number signifies the start of a new adventure with the German brand. It was the first time that i drove for them with a “full” contract.

I think this number works well for me given the season i am realizing. I’ll keep it for a fair while.

First time with 22?

I think it was this year, during the Bathurst 12 Hour, for the Intercontinental GT Challenge. I was driving an Audi R8. We were leading the race but one of my teammates crashed out…

This race will always remain in my memory. Driving on a circuit such as Bathurst only happens once in life. I was doing a good performance, it was pretty unique.

And if you had to choose another number? 

I am incapable of telling you guys what i would choose. I have no lucky number, 22 is fine by me. I don’t see what else i could choose.

63 like Benjamin Lessennes

“Why 63 ?

This goes back to my youth. When i was little, my dad had Mercedes workshops, and the biggest engine from the brand, and still is, the 63 AMG. After that, i have always loved Lamborghini’s. I had a collection of Lamborghini miniatures, and on every one of them the number 63 was present because the Italian brand was created in 1963. The 63 is the official Lambo number, and that’s why i chose it.

First time with 63 ?

It was during my first race. I was 9, and i was participating in the Belgian Mini Kart championship on the Mariembourg circuit. I wasn’t on the same level as the others… I fought not to finish last. When i was asked to choose a number, i didn’t hesitate for a second. I wanted number 63.

And if you had to choose another one?”

If i can choose a number with three figures, i would take 163. This year, i drove with it at Monza, during TCR Europe, because 63 was already taken. After that, if you can choose only two figures, i’d take 9, the addition of 6 and 3.

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