Numb3rs : 27, 18 and 74

Why that number? That is the question we asked the cast of the WTCR Oscaro. Superstition, tributes, or completely random, each week, and until the end of 2018, we will bring you the story behind each driver’s number.

Today, and for the first edition of the “numb3rs” series, here are the members of the Team Oscaro:

27 like John Filippi 

” Why number 27 ?

In go-karts, i have always had different numbers, but when i was asked to choose a number in WTCC TC2, 27 was obvious for several reasons. First, i’m born on February 27th. In addition, it’s a number with a history, Gilles Villeneuve used it when driving for Ferrari… After that, i very much like prime numbers. They are interesting numbers. My two lucky numbers are 7 and 9. If we add up the two numbers of my number (2+7, two prime numbers), we get 9, the last of numbers. When thinking about it i thought it represented my philosophy well. In the Bible, Saint Matthew said “the last ones, will be first”. And by working hard, i hope one day, to be the first.

First time with number 27 ?

It was in Marrakech, in 2014, in TC2. At the time i finished 9th, even in front of more powerful TC1 cars. I drove a Seat Leon. It’s not a number that brings me luck, but it’s like that, it’s my number.

And if you had to choose another number ?

I hope i never have to, but i’d probably choose 3, for the trinity.”

18 like Tiago Monteiro 

” Why 18 ?

Since forever, 18 is part of my life. This number has always accompanied me, be it negative or positive. At school i had a fascination for this number, but i can’t remember why. Then, chance does its part: In 2004, during the World Series by Nissan, i was given number 18. The next year, in Formula 1, i got 18 again. Starting from that day, i saw a sign, and i started to associate the 18 to my image.

At the time i loved motorbikes and NASCAR, and in those disciplines, the racers are very often associated with thei numbers. I used this as inspiration to do my proper merchandising around 18, and at the start of each season, i ask for this number.

On the side, for a long time i had the record of the rookie finishing the most consecutive races, with 18! And my gearbox broke in the 19th race! I can’t explain what happens around this number, i am not really superstitious.

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First time with 18 ?

To be honest, i can’t remember my first race with number 18. What i do know, is that in 2004, during the World Series by Nissan, it brought me luck. I finished second in the championship, and it opened me the doors to Formula 1.

Et si tu devais choisir un autre numéro ? 

In 2016, i participated in the Guia Race of Macau, in the TCR International Series. The number 18 was taken by a Russian driver. However, i won the race that day. I chose number 81. When i can’t have 18, i try to take a relatively close number, where there is an 8 in it.”

74 like Pepe Oriola

” Why 74 ?

It’s quite simply my first race number. It was during the Seat Leon Supercopa, in 2009. I was 15, and that day, i got number 74. It was a few years after the death of Japanese MotoGP rider Daijiro Kato. He used number 74 the day of his deathly accident at Suzuka. When i knew i was going to drive with 74, i thought about him straight away. I am very proud to represent a number like this.

Your first time with 74 ? 

That day, i finished on the podium even if the level of the field was very high. Since then, that number brings me luck. I even tattoed number 74 on my arm.

And you had to choose another number?

I’d choose, number 1, the one belonging to the champion of world touring cars.”

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