Numb3rs : 7, 68 and 69

Why that number? That is the question we asked the cast of the WTCR Oscaro. Superstition, tributes, or completely random, each week, and until the end of 2018, we will bring you the story behind each driver’s number.

After the Team Oscaro members, and for the second episode of “Numb3rs”, we talk about three Frenchies:

7 like Aurélien Comte

” Why number 7?

Usually, i never choose my number, either because it’s chosen for us, or i let chance choose for me. But this year on the WTCR Oscaro, i was asked to choose, and i chose 7. Simply because i had this number for last years TCR Europe in October 2017, and it brought me luck… So i said, why not re-use this number.

First time with the 7?

Indeed it was on the TCR Europe, at the Adria Circuit in Italy. I won it even if i was not a favourite at all. However, my car, that was technically not a TCR, but a 308 Cup, had a lot of issues during practice. Finally, we landed good results during the races, and i deducted that the number brought me luck. It’s not superstition, but at least i know that the 7 will not bear bad luck.

And if you’d have to choose a new number?

If 7 was chosen by another driver, i’d let chance choose for me. Before, i always tried to find a number that could match me, and each time i had a bad season. I’d let the team choose for me.”

68 like Yann Ehrlacher

” Why 68?

It’s simply a tribute to my native département, the Haut-Rhin. From the moment i could choose, i chose 68. With time passing by, it’s become part of my brand: YE68. I am very attached to this number.

First time out with 68?

It was in 2014, during the French Super Tourism Championship, on the Nogaro circuit. It’s with this number that i won my first title. 68 is my lucky number.

And if you had to choose another number?

Si je ne pouvais pas choisir le 68, je pense que je prendrai le 10, c’est un numéro qui m’inspire assez. Ou sinon le 96, mon année de naissance. » If i couldn’t have 68, i’d probably take number 10, which is a number i like well. Or 96, my birth year.”

69 like Jean-Karl Vernay

” Why 69?

I’m born and raised in Lyon, so it’s a tribute to the Rhône département, 69. There is no relation to the famous position (laughter). In addition to that i am a big supporter of Villeurbanne in basketball and Olympique Lyonnais in football. This number is a way of annoying my friends who are AS Saint-Etienne fans. It’s a wink to the intense derbies between the two rivals.

First time with 69 ?

This year, in Marrakech on the WTCR Oscaro. I finished fourth in Race 1 and won the second race of the weekend. It’s a number that i think i’ll keep for a long time. Now, people associate me to this number. This season i have realised good results, winning three races. I can consider that the 69 is good for me.

And if you had to choose another number ?

I am not at all superstitious with numbers. I have had the chance to win titles with loads of different numbers. Last year, i had number 2 when i won TCR International for example, so i’m not sure. If i can’t have 69 next year, i’d like to have number 1. That would mean i was champion this season.”

Bonus: If he isn’t superstitious with numbers, Jean-Karl Vernay has a few quirks on racedays: “I have a special set of underpants that i always wear on Saturdays, it’s the “Saturday underpants”, after that i always put the right glove on before the left one, and loads of stuff like that…”

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