Project Exhoscaro

Sunday October 1st, in the National Domain of St-Cloud, the 2017 Red Bull Soapbox race took place with “Paris” as a theme for the course. With typical Paris weather (rainy…), over 59 teams all more crazy than the others too the start, with 37 seconds being the fastest time. Some never got to the finish…

For the team representing Oscaro, the Mechanics Team, they needed a full 1 minute and 6 seconds to get to the finish line 400 metres away from the start. The team missed out on a great time due to a steering column failure that put the Mechanics in the wall only 10 metres from the finish line. The Oscaro soapbox was driven by John Filippi between 2 WTCC rounds and even with perfect driving lines, John could do nothing at the wheel of the exhOscaro, slightly more fragile than the Citroën C-Elysée that he is used to driving. Other than the result, what we retain from this day are the many big laughs, fun and a brilliant human adventure.

Everything started last May. The internal teams at Oscaro imagined the soapbox that best illustrated the company. What creativity! Engineers, mechanics, HR, customer advisors all had the same objective: to be on the starting ramp at St-Cloud on October the 1st.

They all merited to be there, but only one could be chosen. In the end, Mechanics Team won the challenge. Well done guys!