Sporting Team Oscaro : a dream eleven

Only a few days left until the World Cup! It’s time for the last few preparations for this competition that will be disputed without the Netherlands, without Italy, but not only… The Sporting Team Oscaro will also not take part. A deception for all of us. Despite this, we decided to show you our starting eleven. This is what the Team Oscaro would look like at the World Cup!

Keeper, number 52 : Gordon Shedden (39)

A British guy called Gordon can only play as a goalkeeper. Only those who have seen Gordon Banks play will understand… Isn’t that right Mr Pelé?

Right defender (Cap.), number 12 : Gilles Cioni (33)

Half-footballer, half-lion (and a bit of a rugby player). Whom better to captain this team? With 95 matches at the top of french football, it is the player with the most experience on the team. At almost 34 years old, he is still here, ready to « shed everything on the pitch». The right spirit to take Team Oscaro to victory.

Central defender, number 30 : Gabriele Tarquini (56)

It was a time (a long long time ago), he could have formed the central part of the defence of the great AC Milan with Franco Baresi. Italian, and experienced. Gabriele is a pioneer of the catenaccio. Whispers go round that Paolo Maldini, and Fabio Cannavaro used him as an example. Well… You kind of have to invent arguments to impress your opponents.

Central defender, number 74 : Josep Oriola, alias « Pepe » (23)

With this surname, you can only play defense. As his namesake, Pepe, former Real Madrid player, Oriola is big, solid and agressive. The only thing setting them apart? The driver is an FC Barcelona fan…

Left defender, number 27 : John Filippi (23)    

He says it himself: « Young, i tried football, i had to stop because i tackled my teammates. » Cyril Rool, get out of this body.

Defensive midfielder, number 6 : Vincent Landais (26)

Used to play on the right, Landais is a shadow worker. He likes to assist his partners. With his voice, he guides them to reach the top. Everything you want out of a number 6.

Defensive midfielder, number 68 : Yann Ehrlacher (21)

If he picks up as many balls as he picks up point on WTCR Oscaro weekends, we are saved. Imagine, 146 won balls in only twelve matches. Makes you dream no?

Offensive midfielder, number 10 : Jérôme Lando-Casanova (32)

@jeromucciu is three back going into the third round of the #TAChallenge He's not just a talented golfer though – maybe worth a call up for the World Cup eh @equipedefrance ​? 🤔

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Nothing to add.

Left winger, number 18 : Tiago Monteiro (41)

He’s handsome, he is quick (in a car), he is Portugese and an idol in his country. Cristiano Ronaldo? No, Tiago Monteiro. The similarities are so many that there are no doubts to have. As CR7, TM18 has to play the left wing of our offense,

Right winger, number 7 : Pierre-Louis Loubet (21)

At Paris Saint-Germain, a young and talented player, French international, with a strong potential plays at this post. At Oscaro it’s the same.

Attacker, number 86 : Esteban Guerrieri (33)

After Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona, Gabriel Batistuta, Mario Kempes, Hernan Crespo, Carlos Tevez, Diego Milito, or even Gonzalo Higuain, make way for Esteban Guerreri. Since the beginning of time Argentina has shaped some of the best attackers in the world. There is therefore no reason that the gaucho of the WTCR Oscaro doesn’t continue this tradition.

Coach: Philippe Leaune

He knows how to manage a team. With his son, they even created one in 2006 with whom they won 9 world championships (8 on Project Cars and 1 on DiRT 4). Experience, calm and serenity are his main qualities.

Assistant coach: Kevin Leaune

1In the Ancelotti family, football is a family affair. At Bayern Munich, Carlo chose his son Davide as assistant. At the Leaune’s, it’s the same deal. Philippe and Kevin manage the team together, never one without the other. Togetherm they choose the best elements possible.

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