The end of a dream

Imagine for a moment…

You played football when you were younger. You were maybe even good at it, and got the chance to play in a youth academy. Your dream was to turn pro, to tour the world, but unfortunately the spots are few and the reality of life catched up with you, and you went into the workforce. Your passion for the ball however never diminished and you continued your dream, but you had to become the best by other means. You started playing FIFA (or PES), you lost the first matches but you persevered. You won your matches, you climbed the ranks of the global hierarchy. You are today the best PES (or FIFA) player in the world. Zinedine Zidane gives you a call, he wants you to play in the Champions League Final as a forward, with the help of none other than Cristiano Ronaldo…

Nothing is impossible in life. Leicester City, who were battling against relegation in 2015 in the English Premier League, won the league the very next season in 2016. The odds were 5000 to 1 at the start of the season. The probability is equally low that Bono is elected Pope or Kim Kardashian President of the United States. However, if we pick our story up where we left it, Bono is Pope and Kim President before Zizou gives you that infamous call.

Football and Racing are the pillars of the Team Oscaro. And if we may recall the vocation of our Team, it is to identify the future champions, accompany them in their progress and help them reach the top of their sport.

Now imagine a young boy, very talented, that races go-karts at a high level. However, a lack of budget means he can’t continue racing. He then decides to launch himself with his father into SimRacing (Racing on gaming consoles and PC), because his father loves video games, and him, racing. He works tirelessly every corner of every circuit, day and night. He works also as a sales representative in the south of France (in the auto business). He becomes world champion on one of the most popular racing games, 8 times. He decides to create a team, meeting Oscaro on the way. One day he receives a phone call. He has been selected to participate in the famous Race of Champions on the 2nd and 3rd of February 2018 in Riyadh. It is the first time that a racer from the world of video games will be able to test himself against the biggest stars of racing in the real world. David Coulthard, Juan Pablo Montoya, Tom Kristensen and even Petter Solberg will compete against him.

This boy is Kévin Leaune, captain and Team Manager of the Oscaro eSports Team by SDL. Thanks to his partners Logitech, Hype, Oscaro and OMP, but most of all his relentless work and that of his team he will realise his dream.

Passion changes everything…

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