The love of risk by John Filippi

Monza, it's the temple of speed. A mythical place. Legendary. The birthplace of racing.

Driving on the Monza circuit… What driver has never dreamt about it? After a lackluster weekend in Marrakech, Monza came at the best possible moment to really launch my season. The place, the enthusiasm, the car: all the conditions were reunited to perform…

Not being able to exploit the car in Marrakech two weeks ago, this time I felt that it was different. From the start I was in the Top 5. The laptimes and the sensations were there. Confident, I decided to try everything to perform, to take risks. From the start of qualifying I decided to try to manage my tires in order to take 10th in Q2. A risk that almost revealed victorious… By 0.02 of a second. But far from cooling down, I didn’t change my Race 1 strategy.

Starting 13th, I absolutely had to be on the offensive from the start to get into the points. I closed in on the three drivers in front by going around the outside from the first turn. Risky, since I risked going off-track, but with a big payoff. Confident, I passed another competitor on the exit of Turn 1. Up to 7th, even with the help of a few other events (retirements…), I had to resign myself to stay 7th by not being able to pass Tom Coronel.

Unsatisfied, I had a single wish, do as well or better in the Main Race. My stability issues that I had in the Opening Race were corrected during Repair Time. Again I went for the outside line in Turn 1, but this time no luck. But I needed more than that to back off! After a tight battle, I finished 10th at the expense of… Tom Coronel!

In three weeks, the team and I have progressed a lot in our mutual knowledge and in performance. Even if it is too early to draw hasty conclusions, I hope that this race will be the founding act of this season. Now, onwards to Budapest with my usual mindset: give it all!

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