The WTCR Oscaro 2018 in numbers!

In Macau, Gabriele Tarquini was crowned World Touring Car champion. Before heading into 2019, let’s go over the season that just finished. Get your results books out, this is the FIA WTCR Oscaro 2018 in 50 points.

0 : Number of official manufacturer teams in the championship

0,0002… seconds. The difference between Frédéric Vervisch, third, and Thed Björk, fourth during Race 3 in Slovakia. It’s the smallest difference recorded in the history of racing.

1: For the first edition of the WTCR Oscaro. 1, is also the number of princes having participated in the championship this year. The prince in question is Bernhard Van Oranje, Prince of Holland, at Zandvoort.

2: The number of DTM champions having participated in the WTCR Oscaro: Timo Scheider, having won twice (2007, 2008), and René Rast, 2017 champion.

3: The number of points separating Gabriele Tarquini, champion (306), and the second, Yvan Muller (303). It’s also the difference between the two best teams of the World Cup: YMR (562), and BRC Racing (559). 3 former Formula 1 drivers were also present on the starting grid this year (Tarquini, Monteiro, Morbidelli).

4: It’s the lowest number of points in the championship. It’s held by Hungarian Zsolt David Szabo. 4, is also the number of drivers having done a best lap on two different weekends: Gabriele Tarquini (Morocco, Slovakia), Yann Ehrlacher (Hungary, Netherlands), Frédéric Vervisch (Germany and Wuhan), and Thed Björk (Portugal and Ningbo).

4,8… kilometres. The average circuit length this season.

5 : The numbers of race victories for Gabriele Tarquini this season. It’s also the number of World Touring Car champions on the WTCR Oscaro grid (Yvan Muller, Gabriele Tarquini, Rob Huff, Thed Björk et Jean-Karl Vernay) and the number of BTCC champions (Yvan Muller, Gabriele Tarquini, Gordon Shedden, Fabrizio Giovannardi, James Thompson).

6 : The record for pole positions in 2018. It’s held by Thed Björk.

7… times in a row being in the top 5 of a race. That is the performance of Yvan Muller. It’s also the number of car models on the grid and Frenchmen in the competition.

8: It’s approximatively (no exaggeration), the number of seconds of a head start the prince got on the other drivers, when he had a false start in Zandvoort.

9: The number of drivers on pole this season (Reverse grids excluded). For the ninth time in his career, Yvan Muller finishes second in a championship. It’s also the number of years between the two world championship titles of Gabriele Tarquini (2009 and 2018).

10: Vernay bagged points for 10 consecutive races, a record this season. For the anecdote, 10 goals were scored during the football friendly between the drivers and the young players of Vila Real (loss on a score of 6-4).

11… cities that hosted the WTCR Oscaro this season.

12: The greatest number of podiums made by a driver this season, Yvan Muller. 12, is also the number of drivers having raced with a Honda Civic Type R TCR this season.

13: The number of times Yvan Muller said “f*cking” on the radio this season. Well, we only heard 2 (after clashes with Michelisz and Guerreri), but we imagine he said it a few times extra to evacuate frustration. Well… we don’t know really!

14… drivers scoring over 100 points, compared to 9 in the 2017 WTCC and 9 equally in the 2017 TCR International Series.

15: The number of different race winners in the 2018 WTCR Oscaro. There is also Denis Dupont, who hit 15 tyres when battling with Gordon Shedden in Wuhan.

17: The number of times Zsolt David Szabo failed to cross the finish line, a record.

18… nationalities participating in the championship this year. It’s also the age of Benjamin Lessennes, the youngest on the grid.

20: The number of times Pepe Oriola finished in the top 10. No one has done better.

23: The number of cars implicated in the Race 1 crash in Vila Real.

25… teams that have raced at least once in the 2018 WTCR Oscaro.

26: The largest number of races finished by a driver this season. Only Pepe Oriola and Mato Homola have made this feat. The secret behind this record? Have a four-letter first name, and six-letter last name, finishing in “la”. 4 x 6 + 2 (drivers) = 26

29: The number of races where Norbert Nagy didn’t score points…  Ouch.

30: The number of races having been held this season, 10 more than 2017.

31… drivers to score points this season. They are also 31 to have participated in the Race of Macau, the record of entries for one session this season.

41: Number of engineers this season.

46: The number of drivers having participated in the WTCR Oscaro this year.

48,96… kilometres. The shortest race distance of this year, the two races being Macau Race 1 and 2.

56: Like the age of the veteran and 2018 WTCR Oscaro world champion Gabriele Tarquini.

60… kilos. The maximum compensation weight a car can have during a race weekend, in order to balance performance.

71: The number of nationalities having participated in the 2018 eSports WTCR Oscaro.

76,134: The length of a race during Race of Germany. Three laps of the Nordschleife was needed to acheive this total.

78: Number of F1 race starts for Gabriele Tarquini in his career.

82, 498… seconds. The quickest lap of the season. It was realised by Gordon Shedden on the Wuhan Street Circuit, 8th round of the championship.

150: The total duration, in minutes of Oscaro Repair Time, this season.

170: The number of retirements this season between Race of Morocco Race 1 and Race 3 in Macau.

170,7… km/h. The highest average speed recorded this season over one lap. Who’s behind this performance? Who other than Thed Björk, on the Nürburgring.

230: The number of mechanics we counted on the 2018 WTCR Oscaro.

366: The number of race laps completed by the drivers this year.

415: The number of days between Tiago Monteiro’s accident and his return to the WTCR Oscaro during JVCKENWOOD Race of Japan.

1764,834: Number of kilometres completed in race this season.

3000… Oscaro caps were distributed during Race Of Portugal this year.

3664: Number of total points distributed this year.

6384: Number of tyres transported on the events this year

23 275… kilometres traveled across the world starting from the official pre-season test in Barcelona and ending in Macau for the last event of the season.

45 505: The numbers of sessions started to qualify on the eSports WTCR Oscaro this season.

215 000… spectators at the Nürburgring. The biggest number of spectators present this year in the championship.

765 000. Total number of spectators (Macau exempted), having been to a WTCR Oscaro event in 2018.

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