4L Trophy


For 20 years, the 4L Trophy Raid has made it possible for thousands of students to crisscross the Moroccan roads. The biggest student rally raid in Europe, it is also a great human adventure, sporting and solidary for students from 18 to 28 years old.

Here, it's not a question of speed, but orientation to win it. The challenge, is first about crossing the finish line. May this be the traps of the wadis and sand, or to help the neighbour who has fallen victim to mechanical issues, mutual aid is of the essence. Indeed, thanks to mutual aid, you see the immense satisfaction on the faces of everyone of the accomplished task, the pride of having given it all for oneself and others. Oscaro is since 2014 a main partner of this event which showcases our common values of solidarity, automotive passion, entrepreneurial spirit and self-transcendence.

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