The Tour at Heart

The Tour de France is the most prestigious cycling event in the world. 2017 being a impair year (No Olympics, no Football World Cup or European Championship), it is also the most important sporting event this year. Over 3 billion TV viewers, 12 millions of roadside spectators from the entire world. Magnificent images of France, surprisingly creative fans and a epic sporting battle. Drama, long storylines, big falls and bounce-backs…

Who are the people making the event so unique?

They are riders, fans, masseuses, organizers, mechanics, caravanists, women, men, young and old, they are and make the Tour and are all fueled by the same and unique thing: Passion.

During three weeks we followed them, encouraged them, asked them questions and congratulated them. They have shown their love for the sport to the point of riding through Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and France on bikes, waiting at the summits for hours and hours for a few seconds of gratification. They are the worthy representatives of the Team Oscaro.

Passion Changes Everything!

From Düsseldorf to Paris, passing by the Pyrénées, the Alps and the Stade Vélodrome, a unique adventure for everyone that you should experience at least once during your lifetime.

Thank to Manu, Seb, Romain, Brice, Elie, Marion, Aline, Maryse, Tony, Edu, Dan, Patrick, Laurent, Gérard, Manfroid, Mathieu, JD, GB, Tommy, Yvon, Maxime, Flo, PLP, JBC, Pablo, Francois, Mike, Sophie, Laura, Hélène, Jacky, Michel, Franck, … for all these great memories…